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Very few businesses get to maintain the dreams of their creators, and this is especially true in the security field, where competition and a voracious market make business go bankrupt on a daily basis. Still, the humble Locksmith Maple Valley managed to keep their essence and went from a very simple foundation to become a stable business with a passionate view of service.
Locksmith Maple Valley, the best locksmithing service provider in the city, was born without much noise in the early 60’s. Our founder, a former handyman who worked by those years on the Washington State Route 18, saw in Maple Valley a safe place to live and raise his children. After a couple of attempts of getting a stable job, he came up with the idea of repairing and installing locks and security hardware for the new residents like him. He posted a classified in the now extinct “Maple Valley NEWS” newspaper which stated: “Locksmith Maple Valley, we will install your lock and make any repair needed for $1.” He got three responses.
That didn’t stop him, and soon enough he realized that he had to start little to become big. He began with his neighbors in Cedar Grove, putting a lot of effort to do perfect jobs and asking them to tell their friends. Word spread, and he became the locksmith of choice in the area. Things were easier from there, as he decided to go big and open the second agency in a nearby neighborhood to start the process again, but this time with a team trained by him.
He passed away in 2003, but his dream lives in their children and the locksmiths he taught and now are masters in the security field. Today, we hold four agencies, a fleet of mobile workshops and a success rate of 99% in problem-solving. Our strong values and hard work will make you choose us, and you will never regret that decision.
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